It’s Raining. It’s Pouring…

Last night, Kaitlyn and I decided to play in the rain. At 11:30pm, we went bounding out the front door in our pajamas and splashed in the gutters, raced to the neighborhood park and laughed until we couldn’t breathe. About 15 minutes later, dripping wet all the way to our bones, breathless with laughter and shivering from the cold, we came back in the house and giggled ourselves all the way to sleep. It was one of the most delicious times and I’m so happy I was willing to play so that memory would be created.

Today, I am appreciating… * the smell of rain * the sound of rain all. night. long. So soothing! * the sight of rain drops gathered on the branches and dripping gently through the leaves of the tree outside the kitchen window * quiet time alone with my Kaitlyn * fun plans for later today * doing math homework and going through the rollercoaster of “Oh! This is fun!” to “Oh! This sucks!” * the fact that I totally burned dinner last night and all I could do was laugh about it * the feeling of hunger and knowing I have the ability to assuage that hunger because I am blessed with food, shelter and clothing * the feeling of the water hitting me in the shower * the blackness of the wet tree trunks in relief against the brilliance of the green leaves * knowing how truly blessed I am.

I am loving my life.


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