In the Silence

There is nothing more powerful than well-placed silence, I believe. I use that tool in my own life, as well as in sessions and, apparently, while I’m on air. Yesterday, unbeknownst to me, my radio show experienced technical difficulties which resulted in my voice being muted for the entire 30 minutes. When I discovered this fact, I laughed and laughed and laughed because it seemed absolutely perfect. I delivered powerful information during that half hour, but no one will ever be able to hear it. However, I know that the 30 minutes of silence is infused with delicious love, support and tenderness so it’s actually a really transformational practice if someone is willing to just be silent with me for that time. I call it my “All Silence Radio Show” and really appreciate myself for enjoying what is.

Today, I am grateful for… * remembering my own sense of humor * sharing with my mother during our road trip the description of my “perfect” man, hearing her say that it may be impossible to find someone who fits exactly the description I gave and, yet, still being able to say, “I believe anything is possible” and REALLY mean it * hanging out with my daughter watching “real” vampire movies and having her say, “Ok mom. Now I get what you mean when you say Stephanie Myers’ vampires are wimps” and then laughing together * being blessed with a healthy mind and body * my creative abilities * the smell of coffee shops * a good night’s sleep * the topic for today’s show – “ARKs”… Acts of Random Kindness.

I am appreciating my life.


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