The North 40

I drove to Idaho yesterday afternoon with my mother and daughter through mountains and over hills and in and out of rain storms to arrive at my sister’s home in time for dinner and to witness my nephew’s graduation. I feel so blessed to be here in her home, to be able to hug her whenever I want, to be able to kiss my nephews’ faces, to hear their laughter, to talk with my brother-in-law. I love that their home is so comfortable and inviting and I cherish the time that I have here with them.

Today, I am so grateful for… * having a family that I really like and enjoy being with * being able to do my radio show from anywhere in the world * being able to be present for my nephew’s kindergarten graduation and watching the 20 or so 5 year olds be honored for their accomplishments * hearing their sweet voices singing about all they have learned * meeting my sister’s friends and feeling as though they could be my friends too * laughing together * the cool new place we tried out in Idaho called “Orange Leaf” – what a BRILLIANT business idea this place is! * spending time with my loved ones * homemade, creamy fudge.

I am loving my life.


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