In the Still of the Morning

Yesterday, I had the most glorious time at my “Girl Tribe – Soul Sister” brunch and hanging out with women who truly inspire me. I am so excited to be making new connections and getting to learn about these women and hear of their stories and experience their tenderness. I love that there are women there from all walks of life and each of them feels like a newfound friend to me. I’m appreciating that I get to witness their brilliance, their strength, their fragility, their heartbreak, their victories and moments from their day to day lives. Mostly, I love that it is helping me to reprogram my old belief that women don’t support one another.

Today, I am grateful for… * a road trip in a few hours to go be with my nephew at his kindergarten graduation * the few hours of beautiful clear, sunny skies that were sandwiched in between storms yesterday timed just perfectly so that we could do our circle of support out in the sun amongst the waterfalls and lilacs * the incredible thunderstorm last night – I sat out on my porch to witness it for awhile and one of the strikes of lightning hit close enough that all my hair stood on end and I saw spots for a few minutes! * stretching * a good night’s sleep * starting school again and looking forward to the classes * actually feeling smart while doing my math * breathing deeply * my daughter… I am ever grateful for her presence in my life.

I am so very blessed.


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