The Perfect Day

I awoke to find a stunningly beautiful day awaiting me and felt such joy as I looked at the blue sky that was so clear it seemed like I could reach out and touch it. What I’m really appreciating most about this day is that someone has prophesied that it was supposed to be the “Rapture” and it has developed into the glorious day, weather-wise for which I may or may not be “twinkled.” I’m entertaining myself with watching the #trends on Twitter and giggling with people around the world with inappropriate jokes that could only come from “sinners.” It feels great to find the humor in the face of the doomsday-prophecies, rather than choosing into catastrophic thinking. I imagine at some point, the end of the world just may come – or the saints will be twinkled and the sinners will remain in hell on earth – and, perhaps, I may even be here to witness it, but today doesn’t feel like that day.

Today, I am so grateful for… * waking to see the blue sky after a week of gray * sleeping in (until 7:00am, if that’s considered sleeping in… LOL) and dreaming of chocolate cake * realizing that I’ve been waking up all by myself, before my alarm, every day this week because I was so excited to get on my radio show and then, when it came to Saturday, my body knew it got to sleep in a little bit * Lucky Charms… I feel young when I eat them * the fact that I found out my mother changed her phone number the other day and gave it to my daughter with implicit instructions to give it to “no one” and, therefore, I don’t have her new number and, rather than throwing a fit, I simply laughed because of the absurdity of the situation * the very real and near possibility that Kaitlyn and I will be attending Les Miserables while the “Broadway Across America” tour is here in Utah!

I am loving my life!


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