Seeing Things Differently

Today, I am grateful for… * the ability to take a nap when I’m tired * the sound of my father’s voice reading scriptures to his wife while she is preparing breakfast and, even though it doesn’t resonate with me, being able to appreciate their dedication to this daily practice * the experience that preparing for my radio show brings into focus that which I most need to see * reaching, stretching, grasping, arriving * the feel of driving my new red car * the sound of rain all night long, in the moments when I gently surfaced to slight wakefulness and then was tenderly lulled back to sleep by the rhythm of the falling drops against the glass * being able to see how green and lush everything is around my valley * the fact that I don’t live along the Mississippi river and feeling tenderness for those who do * understanding myself more and more * noticing that the absence of a friend has created the open space for others to enter into my life * my daughter’s tenderness.

I am loving my life. Thank you, God.


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