Yesterday, I had the experience of believing I had discovered THE perfect answer to my question only to then discover that it was not THE perfect answer. I posted this comment, or something similar, on my FB status and a dear friend replied, “The answer is still perfect. It is the question/problem that has changed.” When my phone chirped that I had a message, I opened it up to see his response and I stared at the phone for quite some time trying to process what the words meant. It was true, you know. The question HAD changed and I felt excited when I felt my standard thought process shift… suddenly, I understood that I HAD had the perfect answer at the moment I received it but then, three days later, my life had kept moving on and things had changed so the answer, for whatever reason, no longer fit. I am SO grateful for this new understanding. It is a grand paradigm shift for me!

Today, I am grateful for… * the freedoms I enjoy on a moment-to-moment basis * my father and stepmother and their willingness to give Kaitlyn and me shelter, food and safety * my loved ones who are showing up all over the place to remind me of just how loved I am * seeing the beauty all around me * going for late night walks and feeling oh so grateful that I do live in a neighborhood wherein I feel safe going for late night walks * feeling the cold night air against my skin and leaning into it as I walked * the smell of dew on the grass * my gift of writing! I am so grateful for that passion! * recognizing at lightning speed where I am and when something is “off” so that I can begin to adjust my path more readily so that I don’t find myself eventually completely out in left field * being able to connect all around the world through the amazing modern technology with which I am blessed.

I am in love with me and it is an amazing experience!


2 responses

  1. Jen

    I love this!
    I was recently asked about how I could have believed something so strongly three years ago, and now I don’t. I hadn’t thought about this idea…

    I NEEDED to believe then. It was perfect for me. Helped keep me alive in many ways.

    Now I don’t need that belief. I have new ones that fit me today.

    Thanks for this insight!!

    May 18, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    • You’re very welcome, Miss Jen. Thank you for sharing your experience with me.

      May 18, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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