Today on my show, I experienced the feeling of contradicting myself at every turn. It came about because I’ve been talking about the definition of “love” – something that I believe is, actually, undefinable. It was an interesting sensation to feel myself saying things that are contradictions of the prior sentence AND to continue to attempt to stay in the flow of being on air. Quite a ride and I’m wondering where I will go with it next!!! LOL

Today, I am grateful for… * technology that allows me to be on air and stream all around the world * the sound of rain falling on my roof * the smell of rain in the air * the feel of the clear, crisp, cold air against my skin * seeing the rain-coated streets shining in the dawn * focusing on self-love to expand my ability even deeper * friends and family who have showed up as answers to my prayers * my new red car… it’s super cool and all “grown up”… I feel RICH when driving it! * the interesting turn of events yesterday that led me to feeling powerful and fulfilled in the end, which surprising given all that was up for me yesterday * remembering that abundance feels internally like having the ability to be able to accomplish what needs to be accomplished when it needs to be accomplished.

I am loving me!


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