Breathing It All In

Over the weekend, my father, step-mom and I cleaned out the garage. It was a deliciously dirty time with lots of dust and lots of clearing of space. At the end of it all, I felt expansive and clean – although I was crumpled and dirty. At the same time, I noticed that I began coughing. Again. Coughing for me, I’ve discovered, is a way I get the “old gunk” cleared out of my physical system. As we stirred up the dirt and went through mounds of “stuff” I could feel my emotions moving and churning, just like the dust in the air. I went through boxes that I hadn’t opened before and felt the emotions sealed within. I threw things away. I simplified. And, in the process, I went through the old emotional stuff that had began backing up and I began releasing that, as well. As I’ve coughed up “gunk,” I’ve felt grateful for each and every release as it brings me closer to being “clean” and “expansive” within.

Today, I am grateful for… * my courage to start my own radio show, Moments of Awakening and scheduling the premier to be tomorrow, Friday the 13th! Seems appropriate for me! LOL * already having people show up on my radio show page and become “followers” * knowing that nothing really makes sense right now, but everything seems to * feeling curious about the next phase * creating all sorts of amazing projects * feeling the flow * feeling abundant * feeling so loving for myself * treating myself gently, as I would any client or loved one because… I am my own client and loved one.

I like knowing that last piece!


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