When I awoke this morning, the house was very still and I was surprised to discover it was an hour and half before I had to really be awake. I laid in bed for a bit, stretching and feeling curious about what was going to happen next. I meditated and felt the calmness, which has been with me all through this week, although I have been feeling some big emotions. Even when I was let go from Everyday Joy and absorbing feedback that was difficult to hear but so important to my further development, even when I was so sad, scared and angry in my own experiences of this week, even when I was experiencing the strong emotions of the world and seeing disturbing visions, I felt calm. I’m appreciating that. The central calmness through all of that was a huge gift and I feel grateful to have had an experience that I can, indeed, be in the thick of everything and still feel loving calmness.

Today, I am grateful for… * this daily practice of physically writing out my gratitude… it is a gentle way to start my day that has me focused on loving my life and myself and recognizing all I have been graced with… it sets the tone of gratitude for the entire day and reminds me to appreciate everything I have been graced with in each moment * another beautiful dawning * the gentle grace of my daughter, her profound wisdom and her ability to say the most incredible things * having free time open up yesterday afternoon, asking myself, “What do I want to do now?” and then following that impulse * spending the afternoon at The Open Classroom with people who were excited to be me and receiving embraces and rejoicing in my presence there * going where I am wanted * belonging.

I am blessed!


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