I am astounded by what is going on around me as I have watched the storm clouds cascade in and across my valley, threatening heavy downfall and, seemingly, possible tornadoes. It was as if everything was upside down and the blackest ocean was in the sky, roaring its waves toward me. The veil of blackness reached down to touch the earth and the electricity of the combustion sparked in every direction with accompanying bursts of earth-trembling thunder. For a few minutes, I just sat back and watched in awe. The power of the storm required admiring.

Today, I am grateful for… * feeling excited to take my ASL final exam * quietness within * the taste and feel of chocolate cake * my own can of black olives * my father and step-mother… their generosity and gentleness is inspiring * the green of the grass * being able to see the green of the grass * my beautiful daughter and her graceful attitude about life * my slippers to keep my feet warm * sleep * someplace warm to call home.

I AM fully alive and enjoying it!


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