Easter Dawns Brightly

I’ve been really productive this weekend… have overhauled my entire website and have created art, commercials and have even done some homework! This morning, I felt delighted to discover that this Easter Sunday awoke with as much sunshine as I have on the inside. I feel happy looking out the window into the sun and clear blue skies and smelling these yellow tulips that one of my international Everyday Joy listeners sent me! It is a beautiful day, indeed!

Today, I am grateful for… * the reason we are celebrating today * my working computer * a dishwasher, oven, a refrigerator and all the power to run them * my daughter who has sat quietly on the couch for most of the weekend absorbed in a book or a game * getting SO MUCH accomplished yesterday and still finding time to laugh * being able to stay up really late and sleep in really late too * gift cards! Oh! How I LOVE gift cards! Just discovered one in my wallet that I had forgotten about and it was the perfect amount I needed!! * hollow chocolate Easter bunnies… yum! * French Breakfast Biscuits * clean water to drink * my brother and his wife for sending me THE FUNNIEST picture ever this morning – my brother dressed up in a pink bunny suit, holding a green Easter basket – I laughed until I thought I would pass out!



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