The Quiet of the Dawn

It is quiet here… both inside and out. Outside the rain falls gentle, without a sound, an embracing kiss to every surface it touches. Because I am quiet on the inside, I feel expectant. Is this the calm before the storm? Am I in the eye of the storm? Or have I left the storm behind? Sometimes, when I feel this eerily calm, something huge shows up next. I’ll keep you informed…

Today, I am grateful for… brilliant yellow tulips and daffodils interspersed with proud and diminutive American flags in the yard across the street because it signifies that another courageous soldier has made it out of Iraq alive * Pandora radio… such a magical concept!!! * learning that what I did know, I actually don’t and I’m willing to allow that possibility to show itself * working with clients who are ready to transform in easeful, loving ways * the fact that it’s not my job to fix anyone * watching Being Erica on and being so touched by the premises of each show, the lessons learned and the things experienced – it is a BRILLIANT show! * seeing the Light all around me * beginning to understand the truth and having it change me so deliciously.

I am excited about BEING alive and embracing who I am!


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