Half and Half

This morning, I opened the curtains in the living room and found a surprise. Our eastern most wall is split by a fireplace that is flanked by two tall, slender windows. When I entered the room, I went to the farthest window and opened its curtains first. I was greeted by a blue sky and I felt surprised. I opened the other window to discover a cloudy sky and I laughed. Six feet of wall space where the fireplace is provides a very clear subdivision between cloudy and clear. Much like ME… *I* am my own fireplace… dividing my life between cloudy and clear… although, the division is not always as stark as my experience this morning. Sometimes my life gets muddied in the middle…

Today, I am grateful for… my green house plants that thrive on their own without much care * spending time with my daughter last night, catching up on our favorite shows on hulu.com * my note from The Universe this morning that let me know that I will soon be too well known to do my own grocery shopping! Well that sounds cool!!! LOL * the priceless hours spent preparing for our radio show,  Everyday Joy * witnessing the Divine * feeling my emotions so thoroughly, completely and effortlessly that it has become something I now do by second nature, without thought and beneath the surface * learning that it IS possible to do things as naturally and quickly as I do * learning that my innate knowing about myself IS correct * remembering, just now, someone who recently said, (and I can’t remember who, for the life of me!) “You must remember that the word ‘impossible’ is really ‘I’m possible.”

I am truly blessed.


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