I opened the kitchen curtains without a thought about what I would find when I did so. I felt so happy to discover that the external world matched my internal experience… clear, brilliant, bright and calm.

Today, I am grateful for… hot oatmeal for breakfast * witnessing the INCREDIBLE beauty up close and personal of Miss Terri Clark last night in concert… second row seats at an acoustic event! POW! * even better was witnessing Jen’s face when she came back from being one of ten people selected to go meet Terri. It was so powerful to watch Jen own her own greatness as she faced into the opportunity to stand beside one of the women who has been an integral, musical part of Jen’s journey * choosing into life * being aware of who I am and feeling happy about that * forgiveness * feeling the walls coming down * connecting again… after such a long time and in such a sweet, beautiful way.

Man! My life IS good!!! I LOVE that!


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