And the Sun Rises…

Through the small opening in the curtain I spy through the window before me a brilliant blue sky and a blindingly bright morning sun. The houses shine like silver, their vinyl siding reflecting the light. I feel all at once excited and peaceful about the day ahead…

Today… I am grateful for… electricity and all its marvels * the beautiful neon orange daisies my father brought home for “all his girls” to enjoy * the picture of Christ and Mary on my father’s calendar… it is of when Mary went seeking Him after he had died to discover his tomb was empty… it is one of my most favorite scenes of the bible * the cool miracle that green bananas eventually turn yellow and, if you don’t eat them then, they eventually turn black – wow! the divine nature of nature! * the crisp taste of the glass of water I drank this morning * friends who get me * parallel lines * loving myself.



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