Sun Shining on the Snow…

It is a beautiful morning from what I can tell as I peek through the slightly opened blinds. I don’t care, really, how it really is out there because I like believe that it’s beautiful. There’s something magical about that belief because when I do eventually make it outside, my belief is generally supported – no matter what I find.

Today, I am grateful for… pictures of loved ones and their smiling faces looking at me from the walls in every direction I look * Inspiration that comes in the middle of the night – 2:57 am to be exact – and waking to follow the creative impulse * The practice of Intentional Resting * My former husband and all I have learned – and continue to learn – through knowing him * My family… I am so blessed with an amazing family * My best friend, Jen Halterman * Bringing joy, love, laughter and peace to the world through our international radio show, Everyday Joy * Being at the center of an international family, seeing the effects of who I am and what I am doing and knowing, for possibly the first time in my life, I am fulfilling my destiny * Meeting new people * CHOOSING to live!

I feel so abundantly blessed for my life!


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