In Gratitude

This weekend, I have been blessed to attend a seminar facilitated by Carol and Robert Pope and I feel so abundantly grateful about that. It started last night with the topic of creating “Heaven on Earth.” There were many times that I felt tears of immense joy and love running down my face, even though I didn’t know I was crying. One of the things that Carol said last night was, “The greatest way to build heaven on earth is to create a daily practice of gratitude. Seven minutes in gratitude every day will create your foundation.”

When she said that, I realized that I had let my GiST practice fall to the wayside. All at once I felt sad AND happy. Sad because I had let it go. Happy because I knew I would be able to pick it right up again. Soooooo… here I am.

Today, I am grateful for… the beautiful snow that is falling gently outside my kitchen window. I imagine the atmosphere outside is reverent * my experience of learning about lines of demarcation last night * the blessing of being a mother to my beautiful daughter * my father and his wife for giving us a place to live * being alive at this time, in this space * learning to trust again. I am, indeed, so greatly blessed!


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