The Promise…

Let’s all put on our red sneakers, red cardigans and get in our time machines to travel back to the year 1988…

*imagine wavery lines here signifying that we’ve gone through a time warp* Doodly-doodly-doodly-doodly…


Take a few minutes and watch the video above. Listen to the words. Read the lyrics and then come back to reading what I have to say…

I’m sharing this song today because it is one of the most sensory-filled happy-memory songs EVER for me. Although the story  that goes along with this song is really tender, I’m choosing to not share it because it is intensely personal and intimate. However, I felt inspired to post it because, even today, as it shuffled into play mode while I was exercising, I felt such joy as the first strains of the melody filtered into my ears.

The message of this song is delightful and talks about being there, no matter what and doing whatever it takes to show your love for another. I appreciate that theme because it has been how I have approached every relationship in my life all while feeling that the “other” person was not nearly as committed as I was.

And the truth of the matter is… that was all about ME.

It has taken a L-O-N-G time for me to realize that my experience of any situation is based on my perception of what is going on, that it is MY reality that I am seeing, that everything is going through my filters. I knew that on some level, but I just didn’t “get it” all the way… if that makes sense.

Today, though, as the song started playing and (as always happens) the tender memories of that delicious experience coursed through my brain, I suddenly saw everything clearly. I suddenly understood that I experienced THAT day as delightful because I was 100% in and 100% committed to being fully present for every sensation, every breath, every smile, every touch, every smell, every taste, every sound every. single. moment. My heart was fully open. I was fully receptive and I was so much in love with myself and that boy who stood before me that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was experiencing the most perfect moment ever.

At times, as I’ve grown up, I have forgotten who I am and I’ve forgotten my ability to be 100% present for every. single. moment. I’ve gotten scared and I’ve stopped living. I even chose, at one time, to question that most perfect moment ever because that same boy told me years later that everything we had experienced was a lie way back then.

That hurt and I shrank back from it for a very long time.

However, today, as I stand strong and as a woman who has fully claimed herself and her right to BE, I am here to tell you… that is absolute bullshit. Because, I KNOW what I felt and what I experienced and I know I was 100% fully in. So, for me, that day WAS the absolute perfect moment in each and every moment.

And I will remember that now. I promise you, I promise you… I will!


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