I OWE! I OWE! So Off to Work I Go!

… aka…

Creating the perfect masterpiece: “2 all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles, salt and pepper on a sesame seed bun!”

I wanted money like all of my other 16-year-old friends. I also wanted to work somewhere far away from where I lived so none of my 16-year-old friends would catch me in my dorky uniform, smelling like onions and beef. To accomplish that, I drove 10 miles out of my way to find a McDonald’s that was hiring and whose uniforms were MUCH cuter than the MickeyD’s by my house. This location was a 2-second drive from Utah’s premier water park, “Raging Waters” so it was insanely busy in the summer.

The cool thing about this location was that it got me out of my nest of friends and into the wide open field of the entire Salt Lake valley. I mixed with people from four different high schools and met people from all over the state due to the water park being so nearby. For two years, I worked there, played there, dated there and learned there.

It was there that I first began learning the lesson of “go where you are wanted.” However, I only STARTED learning that lesson there, it has just barely started to sink in now… “some” years later. It was there that I that I began learning the dynamics of a “job” and working with others with whom I disagree. It was there that I first learned that everybody wasn’t actually Mormon as I had previously believed. It was there that I first began questioning all that I had been taught my whole life. And it was there that I learned that everything isn’t always as it is cracked up to be.

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