I See You

What a beautiful, emotional day it has been. Jen and I went LIVE into our Everyday Joy show today without a script and without anything particular in mind to share. We just knew there was BIG stuff coming through and we were going to go through it on the air.

Our commitment in our friendship – in our everyday life – is to be completely transparent and to share what is going on for each of us. Our hope is that, by sharing our everyday lives with the world, that we will be able to reach those who are waiting to hear the message that there IS light and there IS a way to find joy, love and aliveness.

Today’s show was a tender show for our listeners and for Jen and me. We touched on topics that seemed to hit core issues for everyone that was listening live and, I imagine, for those who are led to tune into the archived show. It was powerful and our international reach was felt as Jen and I rode the waves of the Divine love that was coursing through the air, through the air waves, through our veins and out into the world to BE HEARD.

Toward the end of the show, one of our regular listeners, The Old Man – who is also the amazing voice behind our commercial(s) – called in and said he kept seeing the the Tree of Souls from Avatar in his mind’s eye. As he said that, I was covered with chivels and suddenly KNEW that I was in the right place at the right time doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

I feel grateful for this life I am creating. I feel grateful to be part of moving the Light forward into the world. I feel grateful that God is ever-present in my life and I am so profoundly blessed with the knowledge that He sees me!

In honor of this transformational and spiritually-divine experience with Jen, Papa Tom and ALL of the Everyday Joy listening audience, I bring to you this link… www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YDz-ftqr1g Please find a quiet space and take 5 minutes to soak in the glory of the music, message and majestic imagery that IS Avatar.

And know this… I! SEE! YOU!


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