Stirring Up

There are times when I get a hankerin’ for a treat… it is only one specific treat that will do and, luckily, it is a treat for which all of the ingredients are usually in the cupboards. It is the one treat that I loved as a child because I was able to make them on my own at a fairly young age. I love the smell of this treat. I love the texture. I love the taste. It is something that, when I make it now, as an adult, I am transported back to the days when I used to drag the kitchen stool around so I could reach everything (ok… I still sorta have to do that) and then I would quickly (that’s another super cool aspect of this particular treat) whip up a batch of this and be instantly in heaven.

What is the treat you ask?

Cow Pies!

Now, I know that the technically correct term for Cow Pies is Stove Top Cookies, but I think Cow Pies is more fitting, given how they look.

It’s a quick process and requires only a few basic ingredients:

Recipe for Stove Top Cookies

Stove Top Cookies aka Cow Pies

The entire process from measuring to stirring to spooning out on the tray takes no more than about a half hour… depending on how fast stuff comes to a boil in your pans. It’s fun to do with children of all ages.

Stove Top Cookies in the Making

Stove Top Cookies in the Making

And… after about a half-hour of chilling time, you have a delectable treat. Although, you CAN eat them right out of the pan as my Kaitlyn is wont to do.

tray of cow pies

A tray of cow pies... er... I mean, a tray of Stove Top Cookies

Don’t you think they look like cow pies?


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