Strange Dreams?

Last night, just as I was fading off to sleep, I swear someone – neither male nor female, but definitely a Being, although not a human being – lifted the blanket off of my nearly-asleep form and peered really closely down at me. This Being got right up to me, close enough that I could feel his/her energy sparking against me. I knew he/she was there before I even opened my eyes. I could see the Being through my eyelids somehow. Then, when my eyes flew open, the Being was right there before me – just three inches from my face, with his/her hand holding the blanket back from my face.

I felt startled and let out a rather loud YELP! And pulled the blanket over my head while I trembled and breathed rapidly with my heart racing around in my chest (because, somehow, my blanket has super powers. If I’m under it, no one can get me! LOL). A few breathless moments passed and I slowly pulled the blanket down so one eye was exposed to check out the room. The being was gone.

It was a stunning experience that I still don’t have any real idea about what happened. Did I go visit the mother ship? Was it simply a dream? Curious…

Have you ever had something like that happen?


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