Wealth in a Bottle?

I was born an absolute tow-head… hair so blond it was almost white and HUGE blue eyes that seemed to fill my face. As I’ve grown up, my hair has stayed close to blond, although not as white. The picture on my profile and the two on my header are my natural color. However, a few years back I decided I wanted to be brunette. I’ve wanted to be brunette my whole life. (Isn’t that typical? We want what we are not…) So, I sat down with my stylist and confessed the desires of my heart: I want to be brunette. She acquiesced and I LOVED the end result.

Angie Millgate

Playing at Life as a Brunette

Truth be known… I LOVED being a brunette. I felt powerful and strong and like I was solid and stood out in a crowd. At times, I feel like I fade away into the ethereal realm as a blond. But, as a brunette, people SAW me and, LITERALLY, treated me differently than I am treated as a blond. People took me more seriously. Now, I am willing to admit that could have very well been because *I* took myself more seriously as a brunette.

At any rate, I’ve been a blond my whole life and a brunette for a couple years.

Right now, I am blonde. Back  to my roots.

I share all this because this morning, while I was doing homework, my father walked in and said, “I heard how you can snag yourself a wealthy husband.”

I stopped typing and looked up at him, waiting for his words of wisdom.

“Apparently, they’ve done studies on this and the dj’s were talking about it on the radio this morning. They surveyed wealthy men and discovered that the number one common trait amongst 80% of their wives was that they were brunette. Only 20% of their wives were blond and none of them were black-haired or redheads.”

I sat there and stared at him momentarily, grinned and dryly replied, “Yes. Well. I feel SO MUCH better about myself now.”

Perhaps I was onto something a couple years ago…


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