Time Well-Spent?

I arrived at my campus one hour and fifteen minutes prior to my required time BECAUSE finding a parking spot in this place is, literally, like finding a needle in a haystack. They say that, due to the economy tanking and unemployment rising, college enrollment has increased significantly. I believe it. It is one of the reasons I am here. So, I generally plan ahead when it comes to getting to class. My theory is… it is better to be here 75 minutes early than to be driving around the parking lot still trying to find an open space 15 minutes after class has started – especially when the class is only 50 minutes long!

This morning, though, I lucked out. I actually turned on my stopwatch on my phone to see exactly how long it took me to find a parking space. I was banking on about 22:32 minutes. I scored in 1:46 minutes, including the 13.23 seconds I waited out on Redwood Road to turn into the parking lot. (Yes, I know. I’m weird like that sometimes.) Finding a parking space at any time on this campus is like being amongst a gaggle of vultures waiting for that mouse to run across the road and get smashed flat by the big rig that is coming around the bend. It’s vicious at times and can be intimidating. I had no idea that going to college was a contact sport in  the parking lot! And you can always tell the person that didn’t plan as insanely well as I did, because they are doing the 40-mile dash across campus from one end where there was an open space to the other end where their class is, red-faced and swearing up a storm.

Today, I had 70 minutes to play. (Gotta allow 5 minutes to wait for the overstuffed elevator to take me and my 75-pound backpack up to the 4th floor and then the walk down the hall to arrive on time.) I could have used this time to study or do homework but, guess what, I’m up to date. Cool that!

drink machineSo, I did some blog crawling and caught up on the brilliance of the bloggers out there. I listened to excellent music in my SkullCandy headphones (LOVE my SkullCandy headphones) because I love music, but mostly because I didn’t want to listen to the table full of students behind me who were studying human anatomy. And then I witnessed a man beat up the drink machine because his apple juice got stuck. He rocked it. He kicked it. He punched it. And he rocked it some more. Until the apple juice plunked to the bottom and the room erupted into cheers while the linebacker boy flushed red and rushed out.

Poor, drink machine. That was quite a brutal beating. I don’t think it really deserved that.

Or maybe it did.


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