Into Destiny

angie 1-03-11This morning, I had an incredible opportunity to meet with one of the top business coaches in Salt Lake, Barry Moniak, for my first in a series of consecutive coaching sessions and to have my world rocked to the very core of who I am. What I appreciate most about Barry is that he speaks to me without any sugar coating and pulls out all the stops. He is able to address issues in a way that I understand so that I can begin to see what I’ve been unable to before. And when he talks to me, he talks to me in a language I relate to. It’s sheer brilliance!

As I got ready to go to the meeting, I took note of how vibrant I felt inside. I noticed that I wanted my exterior to match my interior – which hasn’t been something I’ve thought about for a very long time – far too long. (In fact, if you want to learn more about that very thing, you can read my series under the category “Weighing“) When the time drew near to walk out the door, I was so full of joy and overflowing with appreciation and love for myself that it was almost breathtaking. As I walked out the door, I was hit with an awareness of just how pivotal the next few hours were going to be. I actually took a moment to close my eyes, breathe it in and take note that I was, indeed, stepping into my destiny and I would return completely transformed.

I was totally on point with that notion.

I spent four hours with him this afternoon and learned so much. He said things to me that shook my paradigms and broke down barriers that have been standing for decades. He got me thinking and moving and feeling again. He was talking about things I knew, but in an entirely new way that I’ve never heard before. He had me examining my beliefs and my stories. But the part that got me the most was when he said to me, “You are here so I can help you discover what is on the other side of that door.”

I actually jumped up from the chair and hollered at him, “OH! MY! GOD! I cannot believe you just said that to me!” I could do nothing at that point but pace the room and breathe as my own words crashed through me in his voice. Just a few weeks ago, I had sat at Jen’s dining room table doing homework, learning about the 60’s and talking with her about feeling like I’m standing in front of a door that I want to know what is on the other side. (Dammit! Now I wished I would have blogged about that!!!)

At any rate, tonight I sit here a new woman – excited and full of abundant joy, prosperity and potential. It is such a rush to be a wide-eyed witness to my own unveiling and watching the path of destiny laying down brick-by-brick at my feet.

I feel so blessed to be alive.




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