The Numbers Add Up

Numbers GameI must admit, I believe in the theory of numerology. I’ve had far too many experiences with it to deny the feasibility of the energy of numbers.

Given that, I am really excited about this year. Eleven is a “master” number because it is two of the same single digits together: 1 and 1. So, it is a doubly-strong one, which is the energy of new beginnings. Eleven also has a dual energy as a strong combination that equals “two” because 1 + 1 = 2. The energy of two is sensitive and about finding balance in dualities. Additionally, eleven is the master number of psychic energy.

Taking all that into consideration, you can see why I am excited about this year.

It purports to be a year of big changes, big new adventures and big psychic awareness. And, honestly, if the first two years of this year are an omen of what is to come then, for me, 2011 is right on track! What a delight!

I hope yours is shaping up to be just as wonderful.



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