Prosperity Has Caught My Eye

I’ve been playing the Prosperity Game for a couple weeks now. It is a free, online game about increasing prosperity. I’ve played it before and stopped for one reason or another – probably because life exploded in my face – but I realized awhile ago that I really miss it. So I logged back in and started playing again. WOW! It is amazing how fast I get realigned with prosperity thinking and I love that a GAME can be a PRACTICE in creating abundance.

The idea behind the game is to not only create a space wherein the player is focused on financial abundance, but to also build a trust that, at any given time, the money is there. In fact, the first day I logged in a couple years ago, I played several times because I didn’t believe that it would do what it actually said it would do – allow me to play as often as I wanted. I had a program running that told me that, at some point, people will break their word with me.

This game gives me the opportunity to really look at myself, my thinking, my beliefs and, most importantly, how I REALLY feel about money. Some of the programs I’ve faced into: not really believing what I’m told; believing that everyone will eventually let me down;  playing is not productive; games do not create real life results; dependable is boring… and so on.

Yesterday, when I realized I wanted to play the game, my daughter was sitting beside me. She has her own log-in but was watching me play. I logged in, read the quote from Abraham-Hicks, took time to post it here and then went back to the game and sat there, doing nothing.

She looked at me funny and said, “What’re you doing? Play, Momma.”

“I just realized,” I said, feeling suddenly inadequate and stupid, “I have no idea what to do with all this money. I’ve run out of ideas.”

I laughed at my predicament. I have too much money!

She giggled. “I can think of lots of things, Momma. How about…”

And she proceeded to list off a plethora of ideas until we were both fired up and dreaming big.

Each time I log in – and, sometimes depending on my frame of mind, it is more than once a day! – there is a quote from Abraham-Hicks. Today’s resonated with me and I’d like to share it with you.

Get so fixated on what you want, that you drown out any vibration or reverberation that has anything to do with what you do not want.

By the way… today I’m purchasing the first class airline and hotel accommodations, transportation and entertainment packages for a week-long Disneyland trip for a group of my close friends.


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