Utah hunkered down last night, preparing to be hit by the “worst blizzard in history.” When I hear the word “blizzard” I imagine wild wind storms and blinding snow. So, I prepared my daughter and I accordingly. I arrived early at her school, checked her out – eighth parent to do such a thing – at 1:00 so that we could be home inside, warm and safe before The Storm hit. The blizzard warning said that everyone should be off the roads by 3:00pm, so I took them seriously.

We cuddled inside, waiting for the power to go out and for it to get really cold. We had candles at the ready and snacks, because, really, what fun is a black out if you don’t have snacks?! Cuddling under a blanket, we found a new Christmas show to watch and I eventually nodded off to sleep. We waited and waited for The Storm to roll in. The sky grew black with clouds and flattened out like smooth glass – perfect sign that a heavy snow storm was impending. And, still, we waited.

Soon, the winds started blowing, although I heard no howling. The snow started blowing in particles as fine as sparkling fairy dust.
blizzard starts
Then it snowed some more…
blizzard builds
More snow
Snow before bed

When I woke in the morning, I woke to this sight…

snow in the morning

morning in the snow

But, if you’ve followed my blog long enough to have read my posts last winter, then you know that my all-time favorite sight around this time of the year is deflated yard decorations…
deflated yard decoration

I take such perverse pleasure and LAUGH really hard every time I see one of these ridiculous blow-up yard decorations in such a deflated state.


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