As I move my e-life into one space, I realize how long I’ve been present on the web and that I’ve been absent for quite some time. I’m seeing that this trend is changing and I’m feeling an urgency to begin writing more frequently again.

My life has taken a few turns recently… Here are just a few that come to me off the top of my head:

  • My book, Above the Clouds,  has been published IN PRINT: (go HERE for info)
  • I joined my friend, Jen Halterman on her radio show (go HERE to listen) and we spoke candidly about things that have been happening in her life and mine, as well as the media blitz that has been happening in relation to the LDS Church and the GLBT community.
  • My former husband and best friend, Charles Gordon, was sentenced to four separate prison sentences, with the maximum being 5-LIFE for a crime he did not commit. The crime that he DID commit only got a 0-5 sentence. Go figure.
  • I’ve gone back to school to get my Masters in Educational Psychology and, at times, I’m wondering if I’ve lost my mind. The degree, when I’m done, will be for a job description that I don’t really want to do, but perhaps I’m going to be part of the wave of people that are needed to change the archaic Education system.
  • I’ve set up shop at the Migun Wellness Center and have a healing space there. It’s a beautiful space and has brought on lots of learning for me.

So, that’s a bit of what has been happening for me. What’s been going on in YOUR world?


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