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It has been almost an entire year since I’ve entered anything into my blog series entitled, Progression into Beauty. It’s not that my progression into beauty has been forgotten or given up, but rather, my progression into beauty has taken several turns into other realms than focusing on losing weight. It has been QUITE the year since my last entry into this series. However, the promptings are coming from all around and I’m paying attention. It’s time to focus again on my physical body.

A few days ago, I received an email from a very dear friend, Gaby, that has sent into motion a chain of events that I have never before considered. It read something like this…


…This is a big risk for me so I am going to be brave.

This Saturday (31st) is the open casting auditions for “Biggest Loser” at NBC here in SLC. They are taking individuals and teams. Would you like to be my partner in this adventure?

All we need for Saturday is a picture and our personalities. You can find info on the KSL page….

I want to do this but you are the only person I would consider doing this adventure with as a partner. I know together we could learn a ton and have fun.

What do you think?

Love you,

Thus ensued a thought process that went something like this…

I LOVE Gaby! We have so much fun together! It would be such an adventure to be on “Biggest Loser” with her and there would be lots to learn about. But I haven’t really ever followed the show… hmmmm… I imagine that could be a problem… and I don’t really like the name of the show… seems “negative” to me… BUT it would be so fun to do that with Gaby! We could TOTALLY do it!

Without more thought than that, I shot off a response: ABSOLUTELY! LET’S GO FOR IT!

What was I thinking? WOW! This is a HUGE commitment. I had NO idea how big of a commitment it truly is until our studying began. She and I have been researching and getting educated on the show, watching as much related stuff as we can get our hands on, reading blogs, reading wikipedia, reading news articles, watching contestant videos. We spent 4 1/2 hours together last night going over everything we’ve discovered, discussing what we want to do next and talking, talking, TALKING to see if spending four months together in a house in another state away from our lives here, with other people and being totally focused on our health was something that sounded appealing and do-able. We came away from that with a resounding yes.

WE ARE GOING FOR IT! We WILL be at the casting call next Saturday.

Who woulda thunk it!

So… three cheers for Gaby and me! Send lots of good “Biggest Loser” success juju. She and I can pull off anything together so this is going to be SUPER FUN!



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