A Thing or two About Surprises

So, as I’ve been playing with “surprises,” I’ve had a few awarenesses about myself. (If you’re curious why I’m focusing on Surprises lately, read this post.)

First off, I feel I am easier to surprise because I am always looking for the magic in my life. I use that word – always – because I made a solid intention a couple years ago to see the magic of my life. That intention underlies all I do so if even if I’m not consciously looking, magic still reveals itself to me. In my opinion, “surprise” is magical and I delight in the smallest of magical things so, in turn, I am easily surprised.

Secondly, I have concocted a belief that for me to surprise others it requires that I do so through monetary means. For instance, yesterday I decided on a whim that I would purchase salad as lunch for my friend, Mary. She had given me money when I left, but at the register I opted to treat her. This was a surprise for her and fun for me to do. In this process, I actually got to witness the surprise. But it got me thinking, can I only surprise someone else by buying their surprise??? Or… do I HAVE to be witness to their surprise for me to understand that I’ve surprised someone??? When Kait told me that she was so happy and surprised by my agreement to play Monopoly all day long the other day, I didn’t get it. She said she was surprised, but I didn’t feel like I had done anything to warrant that experience. Interesting… apparently I have an expectation of how surprise looks and that there has to be certain qualities in existance for it to be a “true” surprise. Hmmmm…

Third, I love surprises! I didn’t realize how much I loved them until I started this experiment. I knew that I enjoyed witnessing the magic in my life, but I didn’t fully grasp how much I loved it. Yesterday, my father and his wife surprised me by showing up at Migun and seeing my new place of employment. They spent time in the chakra bowl room wherein I was able to educate them about chakras and energy and I got to play the bowls for them as I guided them through a Meditation! SO COOL! The neatest part of that experience was connecting with Dawna, his wife, in a way I’ve never connected before, being witness to her childlike curiosity and innocence and providing a safe space for her to retreat and experience the flow of her emotions. What a blessing!


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