07/06/10 Surprises

This morning I awoke and felt excited for the day. What surprises would be in store?

After experiencing my FIRST surprise and feeling so jubilant about it, I shared with my daughter my intention for looking for the surprises and so she became enrolled in the adventure.

I was surprised by the fact that I went to campus to finish a project, purposefully parked in the PAYING parking lot because it was closest to the building wherein I needed to be, knowing full well that I would have to pay, even though I have a parking permit. A half hour later, when I came out and drove toward the gate, pulling out my wallet and getting the dollar bill ready, the gate went up. No one came out to receive my dollar. I actually stopped and waited for a few moments and Kait said, “Uh… Momma… the gate’s up. I think that means you’re supposed to go through.”

“But, I didn’t pay. No one took my money.”

“Buuuuuuuut… the gate is up,” she stated the obvious and nodded toward the gate. “You’re supposed to go through.”


My second surprise was how easeful everything went in the morning and it provided the way for me to attend a movie I wanted to see and spend some precious time with my daughter.

My third surprise was my experience in the movie, The Last Airbender. Very personal. Very moving. Very spiritual. Amazing.

My surprise to someone was to provide treats for my daughter at the movie without her asking. She is very aware of my financial situation so treats are usually a “no.” When I asked her if she wanted something, she said, “Ah no, Momma. It’s okay. I don’t need them.” When I told her it was my surprise to her, she lit up like a Christmas tree.

This surprise thing is SUPER fun stuff!


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