Appreciation for 06/12/10

*Today is the beginning of many things for me… new year on earth… new 7-year life cycle… new abundance. It feels delicious! *Yesterday was miraculous from beginning to end. So many touching things happened. *I shared my left over dinner from a delightful restaurant with a man who had nothing. That felt apropos. *I saw a testosterone-filled movie that got me all riled up – Prince of Persia was actually a really good film for an action adventure flick based on a video game. *I received my money yesterday from my student loan refund so I was able to breathe easy. *Every business transaction I did was longer than expected, but much more joyful. *It rained and rained and rained for me all day! *Today I feel ready to go forward and am excited to do so! ~ My life IS beautiful!

Grace in Small Things


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