Appreciation for 05/03/10

*Our Annie Jr. production is looking fabulous! *It is MAY! Wow! *It is so absolutely breathtaking outside today. Gorgeous! *The song I’m listening to right now has bird songs in the background that sound exactly like the songs to which I awoke this morning. Delightful! *Some brilliant mind overheard my thoughts and finally put Lucky Charms and chocolate together. Wooohoooooo! Chocolate cereal with marshmallows. MMMMMmmmmmmm! I know it’s not the most nutritious thing, but Chocolate Lucky Charms are my fav! *Ms. Tree from Lime Giddy Creations made some of the most amazing bath products with coordinated scents specifically for me. I love how her natural products leave me feeling light and clean and I love that the kids at school all come up to me, sniff and say, “You smell sooooooooooooo good!” LOL ~ My life is a good life!

Grace in Small Things


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