Appreciation for 04/26/10

*Decisions. Lots and lots of decisions. Didn’t always think that was something to be grateful for. I see it differently now and I’m thankful for that. *Realizing it has been a very long time since I thought about and longed for a certain person to be back in my life. Huge gratitude for that! *My life is f-l-o-w-i-n-g. *Experiencing and understanding what “easeful” feels like. *My Reiki seminar yesterday was a hit. It was fun to share it in my own way, rather than relying on another’s training manual. *Feeling the energy flow through me so strongly while I did the Reiki attunements. Feeling my body move with the flow. *Listening to a song that has the lyrics “money makes the world go ’round…” and realizing that I no longer twinge or feel lack even though I actually have the least amount of cash I’ve ever had in my adult life. *Being an approved substitute teacher so I can substitute for Gaby today because she’s so sick. Also being the Assistant Director so I can step in for the Director when she’s so sick. ~ My life IS beautiful!

Grace in Small Things


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