Appreciation for 04/22/10

*Torrential rains all afternoon, evening and night yesterday on into this morning. So much needed moisture! *Everything looks soooooo new outside. The sparkling spring greens of new leaves contrasting with the dark, wet bark is a stunning sight. *Expressing myself with clarity and love yesterday in my meeting felt good. *Learning that I know how to stand my ground and express my truths lovingly but firmly. Such a delight. *Feeling heard in the meeting and feeling like she really felt what I was meaning. *Continuing to trust and trust and trust. Such a stretch for me to continue to trust in the divine. *Walking this path in continual dialogue with my Guides and God and feeling so peaceful in the face of what, at one time, would have been track-stopping fear. Such an interesting paradigm shift. ~ I am in love with me.

Grace in Small Things


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