Appreciation for 04/20/10

*I GOT MY PROOF!!!!!!!!!! I GOT MY PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT MY PROOF!!!!!!!!!!! The first proof for my book arrived yesterday!!!! Ohmygosh! My book is in print!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooohoooooooooooooooo! *It was an amazing day yesterday… beautiful spring day and lots of beautiful people in my life. *I have a day ahead with 5-6 year olds and we’re going on a field trip to the Discovery Center at the Gateway. It should be really fun. *The Annie Jr. musical production is coming along masterfully. I’m so proud of those kids. *Taking showers that are the temperature and length I desire. *Modern technology is cooooool. *Oh… and… did I mention? MY BOOK IS IN PRINT!!!!!!! ~ Life IS good!

Grace in Small Things


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