Appreciation for 04/19/10

(post number 1000! WOW!)

*Yesterday was a magical day! Had brunch with my dear friend, Lyndsey. Our sweet friend, Jane, from Myotherapy College, magically ended up in the same place as us so she joined us. *Got to meet Lyndsey’s new beau and was surprised to discover I knew him from my life, pre-Myo! What a wild paradigm shift when I finally put it all together and realized that this loving, gentle Yoga teacher in front of me is also a doctor belonging to the group for whom I used to work six years ago!!! WOW! *Registered for school with no problem just after midnight so that I got the classes I needed. Quick, easy process. WHEW! Glad one more step is through. *Interestingly enough, I’ve got 16 credit hours scheduled. Four of the five classes are via internet. Cool. The remaining class is a FIVE-HOUR lecture class once a week for 8 weeks. FIVE HOURS!!! What the… who thought that up???! *Excited about two of the classes because they will fit in so nicely with the work I’m already doing and further my education in that field. Woohooooo! *What a gorgeous day outside! *Loving that excitement is breeding excitement. I’m finding beauty and joy where I’d never thought I’d find them before. ~ Man! Life IS good!

Grace in Small Things


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