Appreciation for 03/26/10

*I’m in love with my life! *I look out the window and see snow/rain/clouds and feel like rejoicing. It’s interesting, this finding and FEELING love and appreciation the things that used to make me groan. *Sharing time in the morning with my father, talking about how things are going and hearing about his dreams and all he is creating. *Having the love of teaching so deeply within my cells and witnessing it growing, bursting and GLOWING forth. *Sitting in a space with healing energy all around me, having people ask me questions and feeling curious about what I do… wanting to know more, feel more, be more. *Planning my workshop and having the ideas come pouring out of me… inspiration at every turn. *Waking up in the middle of the night the other night and hearing the “training” that was going on. My Spirit Guides are big, bright and beautiful, right near the veil and being very helpful with bringing forth the correct information. Gotta LOVE that! ~ WOW! I am really grateful to BE alive!

Grace in Small Things


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