Appreciation for 03/25/10

*WOW! *Living this amazing life I’ve created is leaving me smiling and joyful. *Realizing once and for all that I AM MAGIC! *Feeling love bubbling in all my cells. *Seeing beauty in the simple things. *The feeling of being a mother in a nursery full of children I adore whenever I’m at Migun Wellness Center. *Learning amazing things about the miraculous human body. *Appreciating my body for continuing on in even in the face of my abuse due to my overwhelming my ignorance. *Seeing where I can empower myself for change. *Understanding that there are some things from which you just can’t ever go back to the way it used to be. *Witnessing the people who are showing up BIG in my life and those who have disappeared. *Understanding that everything is exactly as it should be. ~ I love myself for being brave enough to be who I am and live this life!

Grace in Small Things


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