Appreciation for 03/06/10

*A beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea-UUUUUUUUU-tiful day outside! WOW! *Dad is making omelettes. Love it! *Seeing Alice in Wonderland yesterday. While it wasn’t as amazing as I had hoped it would be, Johnny Depp did prove to be brilliant. *The taste of the new Milky Way Caramel candy bars. *Going to bed early – 9:00 pm – on a Friday night and having my daughter say, “I think this is the earliest we’ve been to bed all week.” *My houseplants are happy and green and growing like weeds. *Resting. *Feeling so much love for the “Bad Boys” in my reading group yesterday. They are reputed as “doing nothing” and causing trouble wherever they go. However, yesterday, they all grabbed their books, settled in on the couch or chairs and read so still and silently that it was awesome. THEN they willingly wrote their paragraphs about what they had read. One boy wrote an entire page! Another boy wrote half a page! Another boy opted to just keep reading because he was almost done. And the last boy wrote his paragraph on the white board. I was STUNNED and so proud of all of them. I felt love, love, LOVE pulsing through me because they showed me what I knew was in them all along!!! ~ I am feeling SO grateful for the life I am creating!

Grace in Small Things


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