Appreciation for 03/04/10

*Music from the 80’s. I’m a sucker for it. *Watching the elation of my daughter as she realized that she nailed her tryouts and loves the part she was awarded of Grace in Annie.  *Such appreciation for the kids of the Open Classroom and their courage to face their fears and REALLY go for it during tryouts and call backs the last three days. WOW! *Moving forward. *A delicious, delightful lunch with my dear friend, Paula, and spending hours talking, laughing, crying and sharing. *My curiosity that is leading me further and further down a road that surprises me at every turn. *Feeling complete. *My daughter’s generous heart, tender spirit and kind ways. I appreciate her in each moment. *Having other adults say to me, “Your daughter is such a joy. I love her.” or “She’s beautiful. She can sing. She can dance. She can act. AND she’s nice. WOW!” How fun is that!!! ~ I am SO loving my life! YAY ME for creating such a beautiful one!!!

Grace in Small Things


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