Appreciation for 03/03/10

*Being witness to the courage and talent possessed by the 5-8th graders during call-backs in auditions for The Open Classroom’s production of Annie yesterday. WOW! *Excited to be able to participate in the production. *Excited to be going to lunch today with one of my dearest friends! YAY! *Miscommunications and misunderstandings that eventually result in clean, clear space. Nice! *The words to Whitney Houston’s song, I Didn’t Know My Own Stength have been running through my head since I woke up. I feel uplifted and inspired… I thought I would break… I didn’t know my own strength. And I crashed down and I tumbled but I did not crumble. I got through all the pain. I didn’t know my own strength. Survived my darkest hour. My faith kept me alive. I picked myself back up. Hold my head up high. I WAS NOT BUILT TO BREAK. I didn’t know my own strength… *Providing ideas that others claim as their own, knowing the truth and somehow, through it all, realizing that everything is exactly perfect. *Witnessing the soul progression of those around me. ~ I am feeling my ALIVENESS and the ABUNDANCE of who I am with overflowing gratitude.

Grace in Small Things


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