My father and his wife are genealogy-aholics and are currently serving a mission for their church down at the LDS Family History Library. They often share stories with me about their experiences with people at the library and I find it exciting to watch them both light up about something they are so passionate about. They have both trained in a new internet service in genealogy that the church is working on and have become experts in the program. It’s amazing to watch them dig and find pieces of the puzzle that are looped or missing.

Today, my dad called me in to his office to show me on the computer some of what we were talking about at dinner last night. He went into his pedigree chart and we started talking. Then, we started exploring. Soon we found ourselves amongst Lords and Ladies, Princes, Kings and Queens. In our line, we found Princes, Queens and Kings of Saxony. We found Queens of Wales and Tudors galore. We followed the line for at least fifteen minutes and found ourselves in 1050 A.D. There were still people to follow, so we did. We made it all the way back to 120 BC!

What an amazing experience to share this adventure with my dad through something he is passionate about. And so fun to witness how far back my family line goes. It was breathtaking to realize that the Prince of Saxony – MY ancestor – was alive when Christ was. What a wild realization. I mean, I know that my family line goes on back through the ages and I knew that I had royal blood. But to sit there and actually SEE the line going back. That was way cool!

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  1. Oh Angie! How exciting! I really would love to have my genealogy done. I'm amazed how they do it, folk like your Dad. I only can trace my grandparents from Belgium and the other set from Quebec, though they were adopted after the rest of the family drowned when their transatlantic ship sunk coming over from France. It's far too challenging for a neophyte like myself. My Mom did all the work that we know, yet she's not experienced. How I'd love to give her the gift of her ancestors. How did your Dad managed to go all the way back to BC? That's so amazing. And I always knew you were royalty. *hugs*

    January 18, 2010 at 6:03 pm

  2. The program they're working on has combined six different databases from which the LDS church has been pulling their information, so the names are coming from everywhere. It was amazing to see the connection!And, MiLady, royalty generally does recognize royalty. 🙂

    January 18, 2010 at 6:54 pm

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