Small Graces

I feel grateful, as I get ready for bed tonight, that today was an easeful day devoid of sorrow or animosity. There wasn’t much to do so I just followed the flow of what wanted to happen next.

I had the opportunity to drive from the northeastern-most tip of the Salt Lake valley to the southwestern-most tip today. Literally from the point of one mountain range to the point of the other mountain range on the opposite end diagonally across the city. Wow.

I got to spend time chatting with my mom and watching her laugh and interact with people, feeling grateful that I can, once again – after far too many years, see the mischievous glint sparking in her blue eyes.

I had the opportunity to spend time with my family again, hold my nephews close and kiss their faces and witness my nephew – whose first birthday it was today – taking a few teetering steps, giggling and talking in his own language.

I got to see my beautiful sister and brother-in-law race into my brother’s house after a long, 4-hour drive, both heading straight for the bathrooms and causing the living room to erupt into giggles.

I had the chance to watch my five year old nephew, whom I haven’t seen for several months, walk in looking all grown up, handsome and shy and then watch him spot me, his face lights up, he takes off his shoes and charges right across the room to where I sat. He plops down in my lap, throws his arms around me and nestles in to talk quietly with me and share some loves. What an amazing gift!

I had the opportunity to play Clue on dvd with my daughter and my father’s wife, which was entertaining.

I had the opportunity to cuddle on the couch with my daughter after the house was quiet and just feel her near.

I am so richly blessed and believe that this year is off to a good start. Praise be!



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