Conscious Art

The Story Behind Conscious Art

It took many hours of convincing on the part of my friends and loved ones before I finally consented to display and sell my art. You see, I have had the story for my entire life that I am a writer, not an artist. I love art, though. I find it soothing and therapeutic. My art sparked to life while I was in massage school. One of my teachers was witness to my first creation and she said that she was impressed that I was using that avenue to help me remember what I was learning. I never had to study, while I was in school, and I believe that was because my art was ingraining the knowledge I needed to pass the required tests.

The feedback I continually receive regarding my art is that the viewer feels relaxed or curious. It has been said that they can get lost in the pictures and they usually find images hidden within the art that I did not consciously create. I have heard that my art leads others on introspective journeys.

So… without further ado… I release my art to the world.


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