Appreciation #133/365

*My NEW CAR!!! Wow!!! I have a NEW CAR!!! I still can’t believe it and forget about it. Everytime I remember, it’s like Christmas all over again! *The word – DELICIOUS. I love how it rolls of my tongue and how I’ve been able to make it apply to everything in my world! LOL *The sound of the central air conditioning working. That gentle hum that reminds me of how grateful I am that some brilliant mind invented the cooling system. (Please don’t remind me of the greenhouse effect in relation to the central air conditioners across the world. I’m appreciating the cool air today! 🙂 ) *New Age music. *Fabulous group meditations where I stay FULLY in my body (surprised me with that one!) and stay in my own experience without looping out to check on everyone else. *Money Magic. *Getting things done. *Oh! And my new car!!! Did I tell you I’ve got a new car???! LOL -Lovin’ my life!!!

Grace in Small Things


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