Catching a Toss

WOW! I am… WOW! Class tonight was ASTOUNDING! I feel exalted…. THIS is what I believe heaven would feel and look like!

Mary presented me with a couple different tosses tonight and I’m taking those tosses and running with them.

First, I need to clear up something… this is funny cuz I didn’t realize I had a withhold cuz I thought I had revealed. Apparently not. Hmmm… something to look at…. For clarity: I work for Charles. Charles is my former husband. He is a General Contractor and I run all aspects of his business office. Last year, 8/8/08 to be exact, was my last day working for him. I had chosen out. I took about a 4-month sabbatical and chose back in for many reasons that I won’t elaborate on here. It’ was a temporary fix and one which I’m open to EASEFULLY shifting out of. I’m clear that now is NOT the time to leave that job because I want something more FIRST, which brings me to the second toss…

Second, I’d like to let you in on what I want most right now. For clarity: I have lived with my dad and his wife since 10/1/07. I am SO ready to shift out of this 10×10 guest bedroom that I share with my daughter 50% of the time!!! I see my home as: a bungalow cottage with a big, south-facing porch, lots of windows with white, sheer, flowing curtains, 2BR/1 bath, sanctuary space (den or 3rd BR that I can turn into my office), generous kitchen, central air, hardwood floors, fireplace, small yard, the ability to have 2 cats, comfortable neighborhood. I see my space as a gathering place where there are spontaneous potlucks and house concerts. I see myself creating a weekly “come as you are” night where friends mingle, eat food and celebrate being alive. I feel my space as a place where people want to linger and soak in the energy. I see my fairies and elves all over, my altar with my candles. I smell the hot wax and the oils that I have so missed while I’ve been hermitting here at my father’s. I see myself lying on my couch – I LOVE my couch – with popcorn and movies. I feel alive and vibrant in my home!!! I want to be in my home no later than 9/30/09. I’m interested in lease options, renting or buying (if someone can pull a miracle out of their ass and get me qualified, I will dip you in chocolate and lick it off!!!).

I request support by seeing me in my home. Read the descriptions and feel yourself there celebrating with me. Send me loving wishes and energy to create the magic I see in support of my home. I welcome any sort of love, support and excitement you can generate in honor of my home. I’m open to receiving love and support in the ways that feel delicious to you. I’m also loving the idea of using the “have you considered…” brainstorming technique.

Bring it on my friends!


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