Aquarian Age Money


This week has been a HUGE opening for me in my money beliefs. Starting on Sunday in a session with my astrologer who, in the middle of the session, mentioned a money-creating opportunity with which he has recently become involved. It is the same one that has entered my realm three times now. And then Monday with my session with Nat, then having my father sit me down Monday night and say he wants to help me LEARN about how to make money work for me and then Tuesday in the ALC Money Circle and then having an amazing session with Megan on Thursday and then receiving a call from Nat with an opportunity that has the potential to transform my life.


It seems like my life is going so fast that each day is a decade worth of experiences!

For the first time EVER, I feel excited about CREATING money. I actually can feel in my body the growing ability to be a steward for money in astronomical proportions. I feel excited when I think about what I can create with the money that is coming toward me and how I will be of service to myself and others.

While I’ve been playing the Prosperity Game, I have had AMAZING shifts around my beliefs with money. I’ve had direct experiences of what my stories are and it has been in my face on a daily basis, then playing out BIG in the world in front of me. I’ve discovered that having a focus point makes all the difference in my world. Whenever anyone has asked me, “Angie, what do you want?” I’ve had the deer in headlights sort of experience. AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa… In the game, I’ve been great if I was working toward a goal like purchasing and paying off a sizeable home in twelve days. Or investing in Phoenix Landing. However, the days I log in AFTER I’ve completed a huge goal the day before, I have limitless options of creation with the money coming toward me. It is on those days that I experience the most resistance and fear.

My daughter is also playing the game. She felt so excited when I started talking about it with her and my mom. The night I set up her account, she played three rounds getting more and more excited. It was amazing to watch! The coolest thing is she has no concept of “cost” of anything so, in her world, she was able to make up her own rules! I want a year’s supply of cat food and litter… fifty bucks.

Then she said, “Momma, can I do something like creating a lifetime supply of Jamba Juice?”

“Of course, honey! This is your world.”

She had $400 left to spend in that round. She put down a lifetime supply of Jamba Juice… hundred bucks.

Me, being the “good mother” that I am, decided to impart wisdom and present “reality” to her. *gasp* “Honey, how much does a Jamba cost you each time you buy one?”

“Five bucks.”

“So how many Jamba’s would a hundred dollars get you?”

She did the math in her head, “Twenty? Well… that SUCKS! Fine! This is MY game,” she said as she was forcefully hitting the backspace key. “This is what I REALLY want!”

She wrote a lifetime supply of Jamba Juice… FREE!



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